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Fitlife Machine has nearly 30 years long history, Group factory's leaders are smart, resourceful and flexible, keen insight and strong ability of management, with the pace of tightening global market development around the world, and actively promote their own, making the company gradually develop and grow. The company has a construction area of 6000 square meters, more than 200 employees,we have a number of production lines, and the first to build a clean workshop. we have never stopped its own system construction, and now it is more focus on the introduction and transformation of cutting rewinder, press and mold technology. At the same time enjoy the right to import and export, the annual export volume reached 20 million USD.

2014-2015 years. Companies actively expand overseas markets to foreign countries such as the United States, Russia, Canada and other countries participating. Company plant area of 6000 square meters, with an average annual export volume of 20 million USD
2013, Dereck with the original insight, who founded Fitlife.
2010-2013, the company, and actively participate in the fair, fair, the steady development of the company, the annual export volume reached 10 million USD
End of December 2010, sales reached 300 millionUSD
June 2010 passed the GB / T19001-2000 identical to ISO9001: 2000 system certification.
May 2010 production facilities installation, commissioning completed and put into production.
2010, after more than a year of study, research, discussion, Founded the company Fitlife.
2008 Graduation in Nanjing University, dereck to join the company, by virtue of the knowledge and vision, suggest the company to switch production of aluminium foil, at the same time to carry out foreign trade business.
1998-2005 years, the economic improvement, the company continued to improve the efficiency.
In 1998, the company gradually started, began to develop.
In 1997 by the impact of the financial crisis, the company's performance, the effectiveness of a significant decline.
1995 is the company's continued development phase, the company rented a 300 square plant to expand production, while buying 3 sets of equipment.
In 1991 the company's annual report data show that the company's turnover reached 30 thousand yuan, net profit of 20 thousand.
In 1990, our master Johnny, superhuman intelligence, discerning, founded the Fine plastic film industry company . the early start-up companies only 3 people, difficult conditions. Only 100 square small workshop. 2 sets of plastic film re winding machine.