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  • Description

    Packaging machines which form a carton board blank into a carton filled with a product or bag of products or number of products say into single carton, after the filling, the machine engages its tabs / slots to apply adhesive and close both the ends of carton completely sealing the carton.

    Cartoning machines can be divided into two types:

    Horizontal cartoning machines
    Vertical cartoning machines
    A cartoning machine which picks a single piece from stack of folded carton and erects it, fills with a product or bag of products or number of products horizontally through an open end and closes by tucking the end flaps of the carton or applying glue or adhesive. The product might be pushed in the carton either through the mechanical sleeve or by pressurized air.

    (1).color box conveyor belt

    (2).foil roll conveyor belt
    (3).Feeding parts
    (4).Control panel
    (5).Seal parts
    (6).Box device
    (7).Air source
    (8).Power parts
    (9).Hot melt adhesive machine
    (10).The throat
    (11).Spray gun
    (12).Feeding conveyor belt
    (13).Output conveyor belt

    1 close to switch 1: encoder reset
    2 close to switch 2 :to detect the absence of paper box, box machine stop
    3 close to switch 3 :to detect Tuitou fault, then stop
    4photoelectric switch1 :todetectwhether thelackofmaterial,material
    shortage is not under the carton
    5turnofftheelectricswitchbox2 :detectswhether to launch,unfolding
    is shutdown, expansion glue sealing box

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