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FDF-800A This model is our regular model, It is know as stable,flrxible and user-friendly and has good reputation among our customers. It can glue from small boxes to large boxes. For small boxes, It can make 40000 to 50000pcd per hour. It is ideal equipment for printing industry.
1. Continuously and automatically paper feeding.
2. One side as well as two sides all can be pasted.
3. The fold part can be adjusted to one step to position.
4. The gluing part can be adjusted to one step to position.
5. The Press and delivery part can move front and back to one step to position(especially Convenience to long wine box).
6. Paper feeding, folding and pressing are divided into the stepless frequency speed control to one step to position.
7. The microcomputer photoelectricity count is accurate.
8. Economic and flexible.
  • Description

    1. Line speed: 0-220m/min adjustable

    2. Paperboard: 210-600g/m2 paperboard

    3. Box forming: One side and two sides gluing

    4. Paper board feeding: Auto continuous feeding

    5. Glue type: Gold glue

    6. Power: Single phase, AC220V, 2.2Kw

    7. Weight: 1800kg

    8. Dimension: 5800*900*1300mm

    9. Counting Range: 0-999999(fully automatic, including batch counting)

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