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Aluminum Foil Rewinding and Cutting Machine

automatic aluminum foil machine,high quality,high speed;competitive price;short delivery

Aluminum Foil Rewinding and Cutting Machine:

we make aluminum foil machine from 1992 , we are the largest manufacter in the aluminum foil machines,we have 4 kinds of machines.we can provide all over the word with different size,and we are manily client is airline company and supermarket, such as Kuwait airline, Lufthansa German Airlines, American Airlines, Nepal Airlines, China Eastern Airlines ,One Dollar-Tree. Home Chief ...

Performance Features:

1.The complete machine adopts PLC control and safety&


2.In service,material receiving,gluing,winding and cutting,

etc.are all automation control.

3.Without glue,winding and decrement of production cost

4.The winding adopts automatic gear shifting control with

Higher effect.

5.Squierrelcage operation adopts servo control,exact

Positioning without accumulated error.

6.Rolling small shaft delivery mechanism and exact safety.

7.Wall board structure and smooth stabilization.

8.Constant tension unwinding and winding stabilization.

  • Description

    Our range of automatic household roll rewinding machines is currently considered to be the widest and most diversified available on the market. We start from basic rewinder (HAFA850) 4 heads station basically equipped with cold gluing unit both for starting and closing rolls operations. To follow with top versions (HAFA 1, 2 , 4 And 6 heads) which may be equipped with automatic tension control through brushless motors and able to reach the highest production performances.

    Our re-reelers are basically engineered to work from 290 up to 460 mm. width, this machinery range also includes models which may start from narrow working size 100 mm. up to 600 mm. wide (eg: for narrow hairdressing rolls or for the widest Christmas turkey packaging uses).

    Technical Parameters:

    Thickness of raw material:0.009mm-0.03mm

    O Raw material width:100-500mm

    O Maximum unwinding diameter:Φ600mm

    O Inner diameter of raw material roll core:Φ75mm

    O Inner diameter of finished product roll


    O Cutting length of roll:3m-300m

    O Production efficiency:Calculationwith5mofroll

    Cutting length,5-30rolls/min

    O Magnetic powder brake:25N.M

    O Magnetic powder clutch:25N.M

    O Complete machine power:4.5KW

    O Overall dimension:4,000mm×1,400mm×1,820mm

    O Complete machine weight:About1,700kg

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