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HAFA550 Semi-automatic Aluminium Foil rewinding machine

1) More suitable for the production of large Aluminum Foil Roll
  • Description

    Main technical parameter

    1, Thickness of Raw Material: 0.009—0.025mmAC

    2, Width of Raw Material: 250—480mm

    3, Maximun Unwinding Diameter: φ600mm

    4, Inner Diameter of Raw Material Roll Core: φ75mm、

    5, Inner Diameter of Finished Product Roll Core: φ35mm、φ40mm、φ38 mm

    6, Cutting Length of Roll: 30—500m, 304m

    7, Production Efficiency: 4-5m/second

    8 Decoil Centering Stroke: +/-20mm

    9, Air Pressure: 0.5Mpa

    10,Engine Model:

    Traction Motor:Y100L —4 Asynchronous Motor: 2.2Kw

    Squirrel-cage Rotary Motor: P60B 8200 Servo Motor: 1.5Kw

    11,Magnetic Powder Brake: 25N.m

    12,Magnetic Powder Cluch: 25N.m

    13,Weight: 450-500kg

    14,Station: Two

    Our re-reelers are basically engineered to work from 90 up to 460 mm. width, this machinery range also includes models which may start from narrow working size 50 mm. up to 800 mm. wide (eg: for narrow hairdressing rolls or for the widest Christmas turkey packaging uses).

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