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Smooth wall mold

*Smooth wall container with a beautiful,high strength,are appreciated by many high class customers,it applies to the aviation(mainly international aviation),high-class hotels,high-level packaging and other fields .There are coated and uncoated the coatinf color can be white,unbleached,black,gold,etc.

*The development and production of aluminum foil stamping mould is one of our company's supporting projects.We introduce the machining centers(vertical),CNC Milling machines(duplicating),CNC Electric discharge machines,CNC High-speed,Low-speed Wirect Electrical Discharge Machining and other advanced processing machine of mould from USA,Japan,Westerm European and etc.And we also adopt the advanced assistant designing system(PRE/CAD/CAE/CAM) in the Mould Designing.We can produce or processing all kinds of aluminum foil Stamping Mould according to user's requirement.

*The Mould adopts aeroelasticity resilience device,and our advantages of the mould have long shelf life,stable quality,high precision,and reasonable design,so the Mould can realize the process of cutting,forming,plugging and rolling of aluminum foil wates in one step.Consummate quality system,smooth wall container,multi-cavity container,various rims(Show as figure),and Multi-compartment.

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