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Application of high power laser cutting machine in automobile manufacturing

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The common laser cutting machine on the market has insufficient power and needs too much time to cut steel plate, so it is not suitable for automobile production. The devices developed by Honda and Hitachi that can make the high-performance laser beam move at high speed and can provide tens of thousands of steel plates every day can meet the needs of automobile mass production.

There are many other benefits to the car's system. It is reported that the traditional method of using metal mold to produce auto parts lacks flexibility. Once mass production is started, the design cannot be changed. For this reason, automobile manufacturers usually reuse the same metal mold before design update, but this time may last for several years. The system of Honda equipped with the new laser cutting machine can flexibly change the part design, and only modify the system program settings. And because the need of R & D and production of metal mold is eliminated, the cost is also reduced.

It can also make the production mode of low production cars easier to make profits, so that cars can produce more unique new models. Learn about how to choose the cutting machine for cold-rolled sheet metal, please click to check! High energy laser provides you with very detailed information about laser cutting machine.

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