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New 63Ton Fully Automatic Aluminum foil Disposable Food Container Making Machine

Fitlife foil container making machine line adopts the electrical stepping system (can be replaced by PLC
controller as customer’s requirement) to realize the function of
positive and negative rotary of motor. With the adoption of double
electromagnetism valves and pressure relay, the operational safety is
guaranteed. The frames of equipments are made of the holistic steel
which has the advantages of high rigidity and reasonable structure.
Thanks to inside installation of the driving system, the layout of the
equipment is compact. It adopts the independent removable control panel
is colorful, convenient and has nice layout. Also, the production line
adopts the independent removable control panel which is colorful,
convenient and has nice layout.
  • AF-63AT


Fitlife Aluminum Foil Container Production Line (Upgraded Model) is

composed of auto-lubricated feeder machine SL750, length controller, control panel,

63AT pneumatic punch machine, mould (price is not included), conveyor,

stackor collector of finished product, scrap collector (optional equipment)

and scrap presser (optional equipment).


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Mould Characters:  

There is a good saying that only a good mould can

manufacture good products---that is our long-term aim. Abandoning the

out-date methods of producing moulds, we use advanced technology to

produce mould. We adopt flexible rebounded device in the process of

making mould. The mould is long-lived, in good-quality, highly precise

and reasonable designed. The excellent processing technical ensures that

we can complete the cutting, shaping, stretching, curling once in a time.

A series of perfect product is available, such as both footwall mould

and multi-cavities mould, from mould of one grid to multi-grids mould,

and moulds of different rims (G type, L type, IVC type, and Fold type).

The mould is excellent in quality and reasonable in price. The working cycle

period is fast. In the light of different clients’ needs, we will make

out different solution, for example, special electroplating processing.

According to customer’s needs, the mould can be steed up to ordinary punch,

pneumatic punch, or the press with four pillars.



Scrap Collector

It is served for collecting the scraps during the production in

order to prevent the scrap remains inside the mold from effecting the

blow-away of finished products. With the scrap collector, the labor

intensity is reduced dramatically, the efficiency is improved and the

sanitary situation of factory is improved as well.


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