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Professional Manufacture Automatic Aluminium Foil Film Roll For Packing Rewinding Machine Cutting Slitter Machinery

HAFA850 Can rewind aluminum foil /Baking paper /Cling film,it can make more than 1000m size .the min size can me 3m .The normal speed can run at 300m/minute Also we can customized for you.Welcome contact us!
  • HAFA-850


The machine is the fully automatic shunt winding and cutting machine with foil-type materials. It is researched by Zhangjiagang Fineness Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. in the latest time and applied to the shunt winding processing work of the soft foil materials. Because of this machine adopts advanced PLC as control system, realize the complete machine run, automatic feeding and baiting; aluminum foil cut long settings and display; stepless speed adjusting and display of the aluminum foil run line speed; shut off control; fault auto-diagnosis etc function. Aluminum foil transmit, the squirrel-cage rotation is adopt inverter and servo motor driver. Thus this machine has simple operation, safe and reliable, high automation degree and the highest production efficiency.


I. Main Technical Parameter:

Type HAFA-850

1、Raw Material Aluminum Foil/ Baking paper

2、Thickness of Raw Materia: 0.009—0.025mm

3.Width of Raw Material: 100—460mm

4、Maximun Unwinding Diameter:q600mm

5、Inner Diameter of Raw Material Roll Core: p75mm

6.Ihner Diameter of Finished Product Roll Core: q25mm.qp30mm、p38mm

7.Cutting Length of Rol: 3—300m

8、Production Efficiency:24 pcs/minute (5m)

9.Decail Centering Stroke:+/20mm

10.Air Pressure: 0.5Mpa

11.Engine Model:Siemens panel,Misubishi servo, Mitsubishi PLC,Omron meter counter

12、Magnetic Powder Brake: 25N.m

13.Magnetic Powder Clutch: 25N.m

14.Overal Dimension:Length4000mm Width1550mm High1750mm

15.otal Power:approx4.5KW

16.Total Weight: approx 1700kg

17.Power supply: 380V,50Hz,3ph /220V,60HZ,3ph

18.The belt can changeto roller withlabel system but need charge extracost

19.Canautomaticfeed papercore-but need charge extra cost

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