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  • Q Mor question of HAFA950 and cartoning machine


    Q 3= What's the Production Capacity Per Hour of Each Size?    I.e; How Many Boxed Rolls I'll Have of Each Size  Per Hour?    I Believe that; the Speed Is depending on the Different Rolls' Length. Isn't?

    A 3. The rewinding MAX speed of HAFA-950 is 550m/min,Usually work speed at 350m to 400m ,at this speed is much stable and good for machine,  and the productivity is 30-45 rolls/min. Yes, the productivity is depending on the different cutting length

    Q 4= Normally; We Use Alu Foil Thickness 20 >> 30 Micron.    Is That OK for Your Machines?
    A 4.The 0.008mm-0.04mm thickness is ok for our machine.  width can from 120mm to 457mm ,if you
    have speciall, we can do OEM for you . 

    Q 5= Normally; We Use 350 GSM for Making the Color Box; What's the GSM You Use in Making the Color Box?
    It is ok, as our boxing machine can make 250g to 600g/m2 .
    Q 6= Can You Introduce some Reliable & Competitive Suppliers for the Color Boxes to Deal with them?
    When you buy machine from us we can introduce our suppiers to you ,and we also make the small roll to export,so we have very good quality and price of supplier of color box.
    Q 7= Can the Machines Take Heavy Load & Work 24 Hours Non-Stop?
    You can work 7x24hours everyday,but you need put the oil for running parts,of course we will give you manual to keep machine how to work well when you place order to us .
    Q 8=  How long the Processing Line Need to be Ready for Testing in Your Factory Before Shipment?
     In general, we will test the machine in our factory 4 to 5days before shipment.
    As we need make sure 100% no problem,then can ship to customer .
    Q 9= Surely; you have English Speaking Engineer to Assemble & Commission the Processing Line & Train my Staffs in my Place. How Long will that Take & How Much Will Cost?    Yes; we can Offer Return Air Ticket; Lodging & Food!!
    Yes, we will send engineer come to teach your worker, Usually 4 to 5days in your warehouse to teach . and no need pay salary or other customer ,just ticket and visa ,food and loading .
    Q 10= How Big the Space Needed for the Whole Machines Set?
    You need about 50-60m2.if you workshop not big, you can send to me,so we can
    Do some adjust for connect way.
    Q 11= How Long is the Guarantee & What It Cover?        Will You send Technician for the Annual Maintainance?
    Usually our boss visit our customer ,he know well for machine,and it is no problem,we have many machine in Algiers. And each year we talk Algiers fair,
    It is very near to Egypt,so we can ask engineer come if you have any problem.we have agent service in Algiers  
    We can provide you with 5 years period of warranty,  
    Q 12= What Are the Consumable Parts & the Spare Parts Attached With the Machines & How Much cost the Extra Ones?
    Consumables include : Cylinder, induction probe,Hot melt adhesive,Label, Knife, set of main belts.Solenoid valve, Tool carrier,chocks for paper core. like 32mm or 38mm ,usually we provide two sets for you.
    Q 13= We'll Ship the Entire Processing Line in 40' HQ Container; How Many Tons of Alu Foil 120mm Jumbo Rolls Materials can Add?
    You can add 21tons of gross weight of foil of 120mm .


  • Q HAFA950-FDF-110-FDF800A

    A Q1: Shall I understand from your Mail that; the Full Automatic Processing Line for the Alu Foil Rolls Rewinding; Cutting; Labeling & Color Box Packing is Based on Two Machines; HAFA-950 & FDF-800A.    I.e; I'll Put Mother Jumbo Rolls in HAFA-950 Then; I'll Get the Desired Household Rolls Ready Packed in Color Boxes From FDF-800A. Isn't?

    A:  FDF-800A is the folding gluing machine, and FDF-110 is the boxing machine. So processing line for the Aluminum Foil Rolls Rewinding;Cutting;Labeling&Color Box Packing is Based on Two Machine:HAFA-950 and FDF-110. HAFA-950 Rewinder Machine is responsible for cutting, rewinding rolls until labeling. Then the finished rolls was delived to the boxing machine through the conveyor belt, the boxing machine put the finished rolls into the color box.

    Q2= Since my Products Are Based on 120mm x 15M (60% >> 70%). While 300mm x 10 M / 15 M  & 450mm x 5 M. / 8 M (30% >> 40%) Normally; I'm Buying Ready Slited Jumbo Rolls. Can Your Processing Line Adopt the Three Sizes?        I Believe that; the Axles Are Movable; So; We only Need to Adjust them to the Desired Width; While the Length Is Controlled by the PLC. Isn't?

    2. The width of raw material on the HAFA-950 is 120mm-460mm, and the cutting length is 3m-300m, so 300mm x 10 m / 15 m & 450mm x 5 m is adopted. Yes, the cutting length can be adjusted by yourself. It controled by Semions PLC .as we do some adjust for 120mm ,and our machine is more stable to work at 120mm for shisha or hairdress foil .the paper core can be use like 32mm or 38mm as you inquiry.

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