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Automatic 6 shafts Household Food Grade Aluminum Foil Roll Making Machine Aluminium Foil Paper Rewinder

The machine is equipment than can once complete
gluing, winding length counting and cutting in the production
of foil material.laybel system , It is suitable for processing work of packing
materials such as household aluminum foil,baking paper etc. It is mainly
used in the sectors of refreshing, grilling and cleaning, etc.
It can substitute plastic preservative film. It is the domestic
progressive food hygiene cleaning equipment at present
  • HAFA-950


Materials: Aluminum foil ,film,paper
Mother roll:
Outer diamerer 800mm
Inner diameter  76 or 152mm
Core width up to 470mm
Finished Roll:
Outer diameter uo to 80mm
Inner diameter 25--38mm
Pneumatic system pressure: 7ATM
Dimensions 2650*2250*2250mm
Consumables included:Knife, set of main belts

Performance Features: 

1. The complete machine adopts PLC control and safety & reliability. 

2. In service, material receiving, gluing, winding and cutting,etc. are all automation control. 

3. Without glue, winding and decrement of production cost 

4. The winding adopts automatic gear shifting control with higher effect. 

5. Squierrelcage operation adopts servo control, exact positioning without accumulated error. 

6. Rolling small shaft delivery mechanism and exact safety. 

7. Wallboard structure and smooth stabilization. 

8. Constant tension unwinding and winding stabilization. 



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