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Automatic Aluminum Foil Cutting And Rewinding Machine (Six Shafts)

It can rewinder foil /baking paper/cling film,it can work at speed 30 to 40pcs per minute .Max speed can run 550m/min .

  • HAFA-950II
  • 84624900


ü O.D. of the mother-roll: max. 800 mm

ü I.D. of the mother-roll: 76,2 mm (see remark 1)

ü Material thickness: from  8mic up to 30 mic 

ü Material width: from 280 to 460 mm

ü Cores: in cardboard, with spiral winding, min. gauge = 1 mm

ü Core-I.D.: (see remark 2)

ü Core length: from 290 to 470 mm

ü Range of feasible roll lengths: from 3 m to 300 m

ü Max. O.D. of finished rolls: 75 mm

ü Rewinding speed: up to 550 m/1' max.

ü Number of cycles: up to 33-40 cycles/1

ü Installed power : 14,5 kW

ü Power supply: 380 V, 50 Hz, 3ph + 0 + E (see remark 3)

ü Compressed air: 0,6 - 0,80 Mpa

ü Dimensions L x W x H: approx. 2.880 x 1920 x 2.030 mm

                                         800 x 460 x 1020mm

ü Net weight: approx. 2.600 kg

净重: 2.600 kg


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